the original farmers market.

August 14, 2014

As many times as I've been to The Grove I would just go in and out to get what I need but I never really truly explored. One day I headed over to The Grove to specifically focus and roam around the farmers market. I've tried a few things here before such as their French Macarons, Lemonades, Meats, and some sweets. After truly exploring this time around, there's so much more I want to try!

I was so tempted to take home a few blocks of cheese, but realistically if that happened, I'd probably be spending over $60.00 for that. Now imagine, if I wanted to cook up a meal and get the imported meat that would of been a fortune! That's the beauty of this Farmers Market you can literally find everything and anything here, it just may cost you an arm and a leg ;)

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