weekend endings.

August 24, 2014

This past week and weekend was definitely filled with music festivals, shows, and even award shows. I just finished watching the VMA's and you already know, I held through the whole show just to watch Bey's finale. Before the music festivals and music awards. I spent an intimate evening at the Ace Hotel in their United Artist Theatre and completely fell in love.

I've only been to the hotel portion of Ace. I fell in love with their Theatre, as it was all kept in it's own originality. The wood carving details on the walls and ceilings reminded me of Europe. Everything was kept in it's own form, and I couldn't stop gushing over it. 

The Theatre itself was a mixture of a cathedral, and classic theatre all mixed in one. The lighting definitely gave it a modern flare, but the various balconies gave it an Opera House feel. The size of the theatre wasn't too small, but not enormous so it felt very intimate. This venue will be put in one of my favorite places to see shows. Hope everyone is having a blast and staying safe at FYF!

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