writing out thank you cards.

by - August 27, 2014

I've always been very punctual and considerate when meeting new people in meetings and interviews or in general! My mentality has always been to "make a everlasting impression" regardless who it may be. As much as I craft, I do have a great amount of stationary from Anthropologie, Target, and Little Mom and Pop Shops. This past month has been filled with meeting folks, various meetings, and interviews. I took out my little stack of cards from Target and put them to use!

Along with stationary and cards, I always keep stamps on hand. I'm such a big writing/mailing out gal and have always had a love for sending/receiving actual mail. These $1 Target cards come in handy and are so thoughtful and cute! I hope that everyone received their thank you cards and that it added a little spark or light in their day. There's always a small feeling of excitement when receiving an unexpected treat, especially in the mail! XO

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