lower haight living.

September 24, 2014

I can't believe Summer is at an end. I spent the beginning of  Summer enjoying the chill weather in San Francisco. I spent the day with my best friend/cousin Chan. Anytime I'm up north I always have to spend an entire day with him or even the whole weekend. I've consistently visited him ever since he moved to SF for College about 5-6 years ago. He's with Airbnb and now he's settled in his gorgeous Lower Haight Home. I fell in love with his place right when I walked through the door. Here are a few stills of his space:

{A collection of Vintage Suitcases in the living room}

{Unique Accent pieces by the bed}

{Mantel Decor}

{Tribal patterned Cubes in front of the fireplace}

{A collection of sorts on top of the bookshelves}

Chan has the perfect home to hosts dinners, have birthday parties, or even a sleep over. He knows exactly how to put accent pieces together. I'm also such a sucker for high ceilings and wood floors and his charming place had it all!  I was so impressed and was so in love with everything in his home. The only thing that is missing is a few little craft goods from yours truly! ;)

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