weekend endings: brunch & buzzing

July 27, 2015

Is brunch & buzzing an appropriate thing to type up as a title?  My weekend was full of shoe shopping for New York, and quality family time in the evening in Sun Valley.  Sundays are one of my favorite days of the week.  Something about Sunday always provides calmness and relaxation (especially in the morning) as I had a lazy start in the morning, my best friend arrived early afternoon and we started our Sunday Brunch.

To start off we had cute little mason jars filled with fresh watermelon mimosas.  I must admit, I had a good amount in me before the food came out.  For the main dish we had the Breakfast Salmon Skillet (shown above) along with Hash with such good fresh cut beef and of course egg among other yummy breakfast foods.  After brunch we continued on with our fresh watermelon mimosas and strolled around.  I ended the day watching Inside Out and finishing things throughout the house.

Thankfully I have Monday and Tuesday off.  I'll be spending the day with one of my dearest friends by the beach in Oceanside.  Tuesday will be filled with running errands and cooking up a few yummy things for the week.  I know I know, i've been posting a lot of food, not to worry, the crafting will come!

Cheers! XO

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