pink & white roses.

August 08, 2015

Weekends are great for two things and can go two ways: relaxing and going out.  This weekend i'm trying my best to lay low and have relaxing days with friends and boyfriend, before my upcoming work trip.  Summer weekends have consists of birthdays, quick trips, driving into the sunset and through palm trees, with ice cream in hand.  

One of my favorite summer celebrating was a birthday I help put together.  Last year I put together a Chanel Themed Birthday or Trish.  This year was much more simple, her theme and request was classic and effortless: Roses.  For summer I instantly thought of lighter hues would set the tone in a dimmed light Champagne Room.  The birthday girl went to the flower mart the day of and bought endless, dozens of pink and white roses and golds baby breath at such a reasonable price.  

The day of the party I found medium size vases that complimented the ombre pink candles.  To fill in empty space and complete the mood with candles, I scattered the color combined rose petals over the long farm style table.

It was an intimate and fun birthday to celebrate.  Not to mention the cake that was inspired by Maison Des Fleurs.  The red velvet cake was from a local bakery in Downtown Fullerton and boy it was delicious with the Rose floating around.  I hope you had a great birthday Trish.  Cheers!

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