birthday cards up close.

September 06, 2015

Working at P&P I try to incorporate some of my crafting into the day to day basis.  What better way to do that than craft up birthday cards for the darling folks I work with.  I keep my calendar full of everyone's birthdays.  Always crafting with the things I have on hand, and adding the finishing touch of a bow here are a few birthday cards I've crafted up!

The last card, I actually crafted up at my cousins house.  We try to plan a day full of tea, lunch, and crafting at her place every so often.  I only bring my white/ivory card stock and rubber stamps and the rest of the materials are hers.  I miss crafting with others and doing workshops!  Maybe I should see if there is upcoming workshops for Halloween, better yet, the Holidays!  Let me get to searching.. Cheers!

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