hello hello fall.

September 23, 2015

Favoring the sunrise and sunsets sure makes me crave yellow and orange tones.  I'm so glad that Fall is here.  Although the sun is shining brightly and warmly here in So Cal, i'll be enjoying fall in it's some-what effect in a light flannel today and will be anticipating the cooler nights in the near future.  While in Vegas I made a trip to the Bellagio Conservatory I fell in love with all their fall decor and florals.  Below are a few stills from exploring the garden!

If you all know me very well, as a child coming to this city was often.  I've always been going to these gardens since they first open and I was about 10 years old.  I would see early in the morning all the gardeners coming in and pulling wilted flowers and replacing them with fresh ones, I see them lightly and fully watering the plants, and even switching out everything for the next season.  I love that it's still here and I can appreciate it even more now that I'm older.

Are there things here you like to do every time you come to Vegas?

Cheers to Fall everyone!

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