a latte & catching up.

November 02, 2015

October has came and went.  With more responsibility at work, adjusting and finding a routine with the new move, things have yet to subside.  When planning my weekend, I make sure I have a little time to catch up with a family member or get errands done aka shopping with a good friend!  Calm Saturday mornings is what I adore most in LA.  Here's a few mornings spent with great company and a good latte.

This portion from dinette is perfect!  Just enough to eat in the morning but not too heavy.  Most of my friends don't really have a sweet tooth (but I do!)  The waffle is not too thick, but is glazed perfectly with their syrup.  The bacon topping is a thick slice, and enough for your waffle (so is the poached egg).  A light latte I drank, while K had the iced cardamom milk tea which was delightful. It was right down the street from K's so a lovely stroll was needed for this sunny Saturday.

At this time, I was craving something sweet.  I kept the caffeine light with a Tea Latte, and shared a slice of homemade coffee cake.  It's always great to catch up over treats and drinks.  I can't wait for this month as November is all about getting together.  It's been such a long time since I've seen a few folks.  I hope the weather cools, so we can cozy up and be merry, but thankful first ;)

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