fall is for pumpkins

November 03, 2015

My first pumpkin patch believe it or not was about a few years ago.  Since then I've always wanted to visit different ones.  Here is one by the beach which made this very warm day just a little cooler.  I loved the fact that the pumpkins were huge and not small little handfuls.  I helped my cousin set up her fall decor, and a pumpkin patch with large pumpkins was the way to go!

I loved how they had classic rides, along with slides for the kids.  Most of the pumpkins were up to my knees, and some even taller!  We used to haul the large pumpkins in an old vintage wagon and we even bought fall decor such as long sticks of hay and leaves to decorate with.  I hope next year's fall will be a little cooler and possibly wetter with rain.  I can only keep my fingers crossed!

Happy November Everyone!

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