the twist at palm springs

November 20, 2015

Happy Friday everyone.  The weather is perfect.  We get a mixture of cool/warm days and nights are a bit chilly.  I'll be taking a little vacation to celebrate with my love in the desert throughout this weeknd.  Here is the last time we were in the desert together in Palm Springs.  We celebrated the 4th of July at the Twist.  The 109 degree weather has no existence any more (thank goodness!).  Seeing all these photos again makes me even more excited for this weekend!

Of course I found this through airbnb.  It was a perfect size studio with a patio along with outdoor furniture and a firepit.  I loved the modern yet retro vibes it had to it.  My favorite was the sofa, the nail heads and color completely grabbed me!  Not to mention all the Kartel inspired pieces they had.  Bottles of whiskey and wine were consumed while music and little sparklers lighted the night.  This time i'll be taking my first trip to Joshua Tree (finally!).  I can't wait to explore, see the starts, and most importantly celebrate!

Cheers to our one year M. XO

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