the sweetest (co-worker) gifts.

December 26, 2015

I love gift giving for the Holidays.  It's another excuse to buy a little something for someone and make hearts full and warm!  For everyone at work, I did goodies from William Sonoma for one office, and in my own I bought clothes and things that they would favor most.  I did not expect much in return but my oh my, they know me so well!

a dozen french macarons from merely-sweet.

If you ask me to pick a favorite from here, I wouldn't know what to tell you as they all bought me my favorite things!  I'll be using the lush products next weekend in Palm Springs.  The jewelry will be perfect for my travels in January as well as the Sugar Paper planner.  I've placed the little baymax tsum tsum in the car already (yes, very asian of me -_-).  The anthropologie candle is burning as I type, and i'm on a hunt for a throw blanket so the gift card at Anthro will be perfect!  Thank you and I wasn't expecting all this goodness. Now it's time for me to finish up the french macarons with a cup of tea. Cheers! Xo

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