a week in the new year.

January 08, 2016

Happy Friday XO

I'm so thrilled that the sun is shining, and the rain has surpassed.  I hope you're keeping warm and cozy while you're reading this!  I've been using my new refills from Kate Spade and been doodling in for what's to come!  Here are a few little goodies I gave to friends and family so they can get a great start (in style).

How has 2016 been for you as of lately?  For me, it's been quite busy and overwhelming to be honest with you.  I'm learning how to handle tasks and situations when it's thrown at me all at once.  As I'm getting older i'm learning to take a step back and asking myself how I can overcome and achieve things that come my way.  This month is the beginning, although it's the most busiest for me.  With work, i'll be traveling in a month's period of time (but will still be blogging).  My first trip will come this Monday in Atlanta and will end in New York in the beginning of February, not to mention the little stops in between.  I'm preparing myself mentally and physically.  I keep telling everyone "If Beyonce can do it, I can" HA.  Cheers to a great New Year and for what's to come!

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