a modern valentine.

February 12, 2016

I'm finally catching up with work and feel like i'm back in the flow of things.  A lot of folks have been asking what my plans are for this Valentines Day weekend, realistically we do not have any plans as this weekend, since tons of people going out for dinner or roaming around.  We decided that we'll be celebrating Valentines next weekend by the beach.  I'm currently reminiscing about how I usually do Valentines Day in my own space, but now with living someone V-Day decor should flow rather than glittery and festive.  Here are a few simple things I'll be putting together for this weekend and next -

Of course i'll keep it handmade as I always do ;)
I took an easier route and did a few printables from different blogs.  I'll be adding my own personal touches with twine and craft paper.  I've also bought a few lush products to use next week and need to make a trip to the book store for the main gift.  I thought going with black, white, and patterns would work with our decor at home.  Hopefully i'll have enough time this week to share the vday decor in our home.

I hope your Valentines weekend is filled with love with your boo, or even girlfriends. Cheers!

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