hello, it's me!

February 23, 2016

Having a blog, and name was something I've always wanted and day dreamed about ;).  As you all know it's a bit of work and time to do and maintain this.  Mainly I wanted a blog to share the things i've created and places I've seen.  These past 2 years I've participated, traveled, and crafted so much.  I want to take this year to share that all with you along with the ventures i've been on this year already.

To start off, I wanted to give this place an updated look *TA-DAH*.  It was the simple inspiration of my business cards that I had printed last fall (prior to Adele's song).  With hues, I handpicked my two favorite accent colors minty green & gold.  From there everything else, just flowed :)

Apart of this new look, I want to share more here.  As you notice I don't show myself at all, as I thought it wasn't important and the focus was more on the things i've seen through my perspective.  This time i'll be posting more with myself included, because what girl doesn't look cute with a turban and peacoat in NY, or a indigo kimono on the streets of  France! or even a flirty skater skirt eating beignets in NOLA? I can go on and on, but my point is there is no limit on treating and loving yourself. I'm not your basic skinny fashionista blogger, but I am crafty, and love to explore! XO's

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