two a tea (& wedding news!)

February 25, 2016

Now before you read ahead, I don't want you to make assumptions that the wedding news has something to do with M and myself!  To start off this post I had afternoon tea for the first time at two a tea.  The fact that it is in an actual house is always a plus.  This one in particular had so much character especially the clouds roaming around throughout the rooms.

{the sweetest house front}

{cute exterior trinkets}

{freshly baked lavender + fruit scones}

{2nd course: finger tea sandwiches}

{sticky toffee cake for dessert}

{painted ceilings and adorable antique goodies everywhere!}

Tea of choice is always a black tea, this time it was a dark peach tea.  Black tea with sugar cubes and a splash of milk is how I have it.  This afternoon tea wasn't really to catch up, but it was more so of going over the details of a friend's wedding.  The future Mrs. Marin had asked if she can hire me to be her wedding coordinator!  This is something I haven't done before although, if you know be very well you know how I that I am a perfectionist and little details are everything for me.  So becoming a wedding coordinator is something I can definitely do.

Cheers to love,  the future, and a good ol' challenge!

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