ricochet vintage wears in joshua tree.

March 18, 2016

Last year while staying in Joshua Tree with M, we spent a Saturday visiting different thrift stores.  From all the shops we went to, I only ended up with a vintage frame that M surprised me with, and crafting materials.  One of my favorite stops was the Ricochet Vintage Wear shop.  The scarfs and old leather purses out front seriously lured me in!!

It's interesting how in Joshua Tree there's more thrift/vintage shops that have a various display of outdoor trinkets you can choose from.  One of my favorites was the different old records are displayed as outdoor decor pictured above.  My favorite sightings at Ricochet were the $20.00 sunglasses, and old photos and postcards marked $2.50 and under.

Hopefully when the weather cools down again I can take another visit here and see all the new (old) goodies ;) Happy Thrifting!

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