wedding cakes & cupcakes.

March 02, 2016

Happy March everyone! February ended with a bang as the wedding was this past weekend.  We spent two weeks finishing up crafting the centerpieces, and the day before I was at the venue setting up each table and propping.  I'm waiting for the photographs to be completed so I can share all the details here.  In the meantime, here's the perk of being a wedding get the best photos of the bride and groom!  This one was especially sweet ;)

I typically only hear cupcakes at a party especially baby showers.  When I heard the future Mrs. Marin's plan for the cake table to be surrounded by cupcakes it was hard to imagine. I thought cupcakes would not have much height and tons would have to be baked and made. She put together and spray painted cake stands at different levels, she had all her cupcakes and main cake in white and gold hues that went perfectly on the custom made rose table cloth.  I loved the concept of just slicing the cake and saving it, and passing only the cupcakes to guests.

It was such a delightful moment and not to mention the variety of red velvet cupcakes and fruit filling cupcakes were such a hit!  Congratulations Mr. & Mrs Marin it was such a pleasure to help you both! XO

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