20 days away.

April 08, 2016

If you follow me on my instagram you already know that my boyfriend and myself both have the same birthday (4/28).  I always kid around and say "now you can never forget!".  Being the planner that I am, I've planned our birthday out already and can't wait to celebrate.  People always say that i'm the most difficult to shop for but I think i'm fairly easy.  I love to collect tea cups, and have a range of perfumes!

Since it's my "golden" birthday, here is a list of few things I've been coveting and would love to have on my vanity, tea cabinet. hair, or even on my desk while I blog:

1. Desk Accessories from Kate Spade all in Gold Accents *They've having a 25% off your entire purchase this weekend FYI ;)*

2. R initial Card Set.

3. Wick Cutter in Antique Brass. I typically use my hands which gets a bit dirty!

4. Nirvana White - Elizabeth & James

5. R Golden Monogram mug I've been wanting this from Anthro for 3 years now.

6. Petal Vines Teacup in Yellow - the pink and white is apart of my tea collection already :)

7. Hello Sunshine Gold iPhone 6 Case

8. Desktop Organizer 

9.Neighbors Fig Tree or Ghost Rose Candle from my favorite store in NYC. They also have the smaller gold versions for $14.00

10. Yellow High Rollers from Drybar.

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