atlanta, georgia.

April 13, 2016

The beginning of this year after spending New Years in Palm Springs, I traveled to three different states in less than a month.  Since i'm packing up my bags again and traveling the next few days I wanted to share my first stop, Atlanta.  Luckily it wasn't snowing, and even in it's coldest night the grass and rooftops would just get a little slushy. Everyday consists of quick exploring, work, delicious dinners, & a planned trip to a lounge ;)

{Sunday Mornings}

{city sunsets before the cold}

{the best tres leche cake @ alma cocina}

{abandon clermont hotel}

{the cutest home for 7 days}

For a week we stayed at this adorable airbnb (shown above) that was 3 miles away from the city.  It felt nice to travel somewhere where I can actually feel the weather.  I took advantage on bringing coats, scarfs, mittens, and not to mention the cute beanies.  Other than a bar, dinners, and roaming in the city I did do some shopping, but only jewelry and accent pieces, I couldn't pack too much since I was going straight to Texas.  Wheels up!

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