hermione, harry, & ron's wand.

April 06, 2016

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter officially opens tomorrow!  I was lucky enough to preview the area a few weeks ago, which definitely brought out the kid in me.  I've always been a fan of Harry Potter, I never really got into Hunger Games or even Twilight.  I remember reading the books outside during summer vacation with my cousin on the porch.  I also watched all the movies with the anticipation of the part 2 when the last film was released, and re-watching it all with the excitement and intensity still there!

What brought the kid in me even more is when we passed through Ollivander's and it looked just like the movie!  I'm such a sucker for packaging, architecture, and decor this place itself took me away. It just so happened that Chels had Harry Potter's Wand, and Pam had Ron's wand it worked out because Hermoine is one of my favorites and having her wand was definitely on my list!

The feeling of touching and picking out a wand for me was seriously comparable to a girl picking out jewelry at Tiffanys.  Endless wonds were displayed in cases and hooks. Right when I saw Hermiones I quickly pointed and instantly said "i'll take it!".  A regular wand is $39.99, now if you want an interactive one it would be almost $50.00. I went with the interactive wand and throughout Hogsmeade you can stop objects from moving, have objects move, and learn all the spells.  Inside Ollivander's is whole other experience!

I am seriously considering going to Florida to fully experience Harry Potter there.  Maybe a trip is needed sometime soon ;)  Can't wait to share the rest with you tomorrow and hope you can make it to Hogsmeade!

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