hogsmeade & hogwarts

April 07, 2016

Now that tickets are sold out today for the opening of Harry Potter here in Universal Studio Hollywood.  I wanted to share with you the amazing architecture they had in Hogsmeade, not to mention Hogwarts itself.  I was so impressed with how the village looked and even all the store fronts (which I will share in the next post).  Here's a few stills of Hogsmeade and Hogwarts.

{Buckbeak had a little cameo on their coaster ride}

Other than the wands, they have so many other goodies just like the books/film.  They have the variety of candies including the chocolate jumping toad, jelly slugs, and the unpredictable flavors of jellybeans.  I made sure to buy a few goodies to bring back to friends as gifts.  Another great thing is the butterbeer, they have the option of the butterbeer with beer or just the sweetness of butterscotch in a drink.  I only tried a sip as it was too sweet for me!

It would of been much better if I had went on a gloomy day (like today) since the films are very cloudy and dark.  Not to mention, it takes away the effect of the "snow tops" when it was 85 degrees outside.  What's not shown in the photos is the interior of Hogwarts.  It's just like the movies, and the projectors are so life like that it seems like Harry Potter is actually there.  One thing I didn't get to do was do a walk though of the castle, that's definitely on the list for next time.

Can't wait to share the store fronts in Diagon Alley ;)

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