birthday tea 2015: a little gift to take home.

May 22, 2016

Years ago, when I turned 21 I decided to host a tea party for myself every birthday until I no longer can.  It's been a success every year.  Each year recently it's been the same group of ladies and I cannot ask for anything more.  When planning this birthday tea, it becomes a little production as I have to schedule it on a day that everyone is available.  My birthday is the last week of April, and the following week is usually Mothers Day.  As of lately, my birthday tea has had it's own name: Merry unbirthday tea!  Every year I always decorate the table, add place cards, and a little gift on the side for my gals to take home.  I wanted to share with you last year's goodies before sharing this years-

Last year's gifts to the gals was a little something from my work.  I decided to do the FINLEY soap dishes since they are clean, modern, and can be used for multiple things.  Instead of of it being a soap dish I gifted it as a little tray, to put trinkets, keys, or jewelry in.  Along with the little tray, I made gift tags and topped it off with freshly made peanut butter salted caramel cookies to munch on, that my talented cousin baked.

Everyone loved their gifts.  Not to mention, I always get to take home all the extra baked goodies.  I guess it's always a good thing to bake in bulk or batches! ;)

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