a little gift for layla's room.

June 02, 2016

A while back, I was shopping around for little decorations for the front console located in my living room.  M came across an antique looking clock with a drawer underneath (good eye!) that we had to get.  Along with shopping for other trinkets, I came across this little saying and knew I had to get this for my little niece Layla.  Buying something for Layla was perfect timing as her birthday was coming up -

I used recycled craft paper, a little scrap paper, along with pink fabric ribbon and fabric washi tape.  Of course all was pink and girly just like Layla!  It's lovely to see how kids grow and the personality they grow into.  Every little girl is a princess, some are sassy, some are quiet, but all are just plain stinkin' cute!!  Watching Layla grow reminds me a little of how I used to be as a baby/toddler.  The gift now lies on top of her white dresser with all her accessories and the little jewelry box I got her from pottery barn kids, when she was a newborn.  Is it too soon to start shopping for Christmas? (yes, I went there!)

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