a weekend in san clemente.

June 18, 2016

Not too long ago M and I spent the weekend in San Clemente.  I managed to book us a hotel right across the street from the beach.  We drove in Friday morning and stayed all weekend long.  Mornings were relaxing and spent on the balcony sipping on coffee, or at the beach admiring the sunrise and surfers. Evenings were spent watching the sunset and walking the pier.  We enjoyed it so much we were going to come back here for 4th of July too bad it's all booked!

One place I did want to go was bear coast, but at the time I went, it wasn't opened yet. Mmm possibly another reason to come back!  I highly recommend coming here during the summer.  It's not all crazy and touristy like Santa Monica or Venice.  It's beach vibes are no were close to commercial businesses, it's mostly local.  Oh how I'm daydreaming to be here right now..  Cheers to the blazing weekend!

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