d's graduation & birthday party.

June 04, 2016

If you noticed in my previous posts, I've been crafting up a lot of white paper flowers lately.  After celebrating my birthday D mentioned to me that she's throwing a graduation party and birthday party all in one and would love me to help out her sister with the party.  Anytime someone asks for my help I always ask these three questions:

What are the two colors you want to work with?
Do you have cake in mind?
How many tables are you going to have?
Along with similar questions.  D's request were simple and her sister Leanna made it all come true with my little help of putting color combinations together, what to place where, and what to have on all the tables.  It was definitely a dream team when putting our thinking caps together!

I had been over the week of the party and helped cut streamers with Leanna.  I managed to use a whole pack of coffee filters, just so I had enough to fill all the tables! The food was easy as D hired a taco man, and also a corn and fruit man.  Not to mention her mother is a cook, so there was plenty of  home-cooked Filipino food and desserts.  I put together the dessert table and Leanna put together the memory table for D's graduation.  I brought over a few birdcages, a plate stand, cake stands, and decorations I used from my birthday tea which all fit perfectly!

It was such a success and everything came out wonderful.  My next project is now baby shower invitations I can't wait EJ! ;)

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