golden birthday tea #1.

June 29, 2016

Happy hump day everyone. We're almost through the week.. I wanted to share my birthday festivities from May.  If you're a avid reader here (thank you!) every year I go out to different tea rooms and celebrate.  This year was a little different since it was my golden birthday.  What is a golden birthday you ask?  It's when your age is the day of your birthday.  So I turned 28 on April 28th :)

For that special occasion I had 3 separate celebrations at 3 different tea rooms.  Birthday tea #1 was at my go-to tea room in Glendora.  I wanted to celebrate with family so I had D and Leanna join me.  It was lovely and low-key just how I wanted the day of my birthday to be.  Prior to tea, I took the day off, went to the hair salon, then nail salon, dressed up and went to tea!

Birthday tea #1 was splendid, D brought me flowers and goodies from William Sonoma that M and I use all the time when prepping dinner.  After tea, I went thrifting a little, then headed to M's family and enjoyed a quiet dinner.  The following day we spent our weekend in Vegas, where I had Golden Birthday Tea #2!

How do you like to celebrate your birthday?

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