homemade pasta.

June 25, 2016

While spending the weekend with my cousins T and Joe we were deciding what to eat for dinner.  Instead of going out to a fancy/hip restaurant in Santa Monica, we decided to sip on wine and cook dinner.  T had an amazing idea of making homemade pasta.  The recipe we used was from a similar William Sonoma cookbook here.  I've never made homemade pasta before so I was pretty excited and intrigued!

{making the dough from scratch}

{rolling out the dough flat}

{flattening the dough more with pasta roller}

{putting the dough through the pasta cutter before hanging}

{having the pasta sit as we sip wine before cooking}

{bon appetit!}

We wanted to do it exactly how the book states, but when making the dough and keeping the eggs in the flour was a bit difficult and funny :)  It was easy, but a good amount of labor.  Using T's kitchen aid definitely made me itch for one!  Homemade pasta is something i'd absolutely do again.. Not to mention, the simple yummy salad T put together and she even made her own dressing.  Now seriously, all this is #goals.

What are some goodies do you make in the kitchen?

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