happy (pink) friday.

July 08, 2016

Nearly a week since we celebrated independence day!  Coming back to work was a bit difficult but i'm glad we had a short week and now we can enjoy the weekend.  I know you all having been reading your social media and watching the news.  I decided to continue forth with crafting and sharing things here so it can be more positive-vibes coming through.  For a co-worker's birthday today I decided to make a rustic card but using all pink and little vintage accents -

I had a little collection on vintage adhesives so I decided to add one in to complete the card.  Yes, the photo may look a little eerie, but doesn't it fit perfectly?  I also used my favorite bronzed ink for the Happy Birthday text from Martha Stewart.  You should know by now, gold is my favorite accent!  The birthday girl loved her card and has it displayed right next to her desk!  After work, i'll be opening that can of Pink Moscato (shown above) and getting the weekend started!  What do you have planned?

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