homecoming flowers (& july recap).

August 01, 2016

Happy August Everyone!
My apologies on the lack of posts in July.  Last month just came and went.  The beginning of July I was able to take my time and ease into projects and even crafted a little.  By the second week of July I was packed up and spent nearly two weeks in Georgia.  Once I was back from Georgia, I had to play catch up at work for a good week.  While catching up at work, M and I had to pack up our important home things temporarily since they had work to do in our complex.  Once we were back in, I had to unpack a few things to re-pack for my trip to San Francisco. SO THAT BASICALLY SUMS UP MY JULY :) 

My flight from San Francisco came in late last night (11PM).  As I headed down the stairs, I saw M at the bottom near baggage claim with this beautiful bouquet of small ombre roses (crying face emjoi here). Ever since last Summer he's been showing up with flowers when picking me up.  I was not expecting this as I was only in SF for just a few days.  It was such a sweet surprise!  

This month is full of traveling, not to mention trying to fit in the OC Fair, meetings, and gatherings.  I guess this is what it's like to adult and not have summer vacations... Oh how I miss them so!  What do you have planned in August?

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