san francisco.

August 11, 2016

Two weekends ago I got off work early and caught a plane to San Francisco.  Unfortunately due to our home being worked on M wasn't able to join me.  The weather in Southern California was 100+ degrees.  I was so excited to go to Northern California as it was only in the low 60's and at night in the 50's.  While packing I made sure to include a jacket and a thick sweater (which came in handy!).  It was perfect timing on going as my other cousin from San Diego was flying in the same day as me.  It was a great little getaway with the family.

{after thrift shopping in the mission}

{cute little mom & pop shop in lower haight}

{a mixture of modern and classic homes}

{one of rola's favorite coffee shops}

{hidden doors covered by beautiful greens}

{a cute cafe down the street from rola's}

Whenever going to the bay area I'm not really into doing tourist things as I've been there so many times.  Luckily it was my first time staying with my cousin and I forever adore his neighborhood!  Every morning was always a good breakfast adventure and evenings were spent in & out of different bars and hip restaurants.  Every evening it got so cold and foggy I had to wear both my jacket and thick sweater.  On the last day, I took a quick trip to San Mateo and visited a dear friend and had lunch with her and her fiance.  It's never enough time up north, but it's always another reason to go again.

What do you like about San Francisco?

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