back & settled.

September 12, 2016

That tile or saying is something I've been saying a bit too much as of late.  I got back to the states almost a week ago.  It's been a whirlwind rewind to almost three weeks ago, when I spent a week in New York.  After New York I was back home for three days which consumed of laundry and re-packing.  After three days I flew to Europe and spent a week and half in Norway and the Netherlands.  Last week I got home from LAX and with M's traditions he surprised me with Orange and Yellow Lilies. 

The first few days were hard as it's 9 hours ahead.  Naps were irresistible but within a few days in, I managed.  After coming home, I helped out my cousins in putting together their parent's anniversay party that was held this past weekend and was a success.  It always feels so good to be with family.  The next few weeks i'll be settling in my new position at work, and packing up my bags again for a little getaway to someplace close, but 4 hours away ;).  After that, I feel that the time is just going to fly by again with fall and the Holidays coming in.  Don't you feel the same way? 

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