double date with an oceanview.

September 16, 2016

During the warm summer nights we wanted to go somewhere cool for the weekend.  Other than San Clemente, Venice, and Santa Monica we decided to spend the night in Redondo Beach.  Everyone thinks the main attraction is the pier, but little do you know their boardwalk is exceptionally cute.  The night we went, we were killing time before going to a graduation party on the pier, my best friend and her boyfriend met us up for dinner on the boardwalk and it was perfection!

There's many seafood places to eat but we wanted to get the freshness.  We all decided that we would eat at Quality Seafood.  It's nothing fancy, but it's all delicious.  It's located center down the boardwalk, you basically order your seafood fresh and they'll steam, boil, fry it fresh in front of you.  The eating style was like boiling crab so a lot of bibs, napkins, and butcher paper had to be used.  Since I was going to a party later that night I was cautious of what I ordered and did clams, calamari, and chowder.  Next time I go i'm going to get down and dirty with the lobster, and crabs!

After a successful dinner, we went right next door to the arcade.  I loved the style!  Very old, vintage signs everywhere and very bright.  I couldn't help but snap a photo of our company ;)  I would definitely recommend coming here for a date night or even a staycation during the weekend.  As mentioned in my previous post, everything is a drive away!

What do you have planned this weekend??

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