happy birthday sis!

September 19, 2016

Hope everyone had a great weekend.  This weekend was spent on catching zzz's, spending time with my cousin before she moves into her dorm, and a family party celebrating my uncle's birthday.  Work has been crazy and I've been playing catch up since getting back from New York and Europe.  I'll be packing my bags again for a little trip this weekend but nowhere too far ;).  I can't believe it's already Monday, and it's my Little sis's birthday.  I call this close friend of mine my little sis as I've known her since she was 15/16, let's fast forward now (almost 10 years) - she's living the dream at work and at home and i'm endlessly proud of her.  She works for a small business locally out of Seattle and I love how hands on she is with designing most of the cards, totes, and bags.  I had to support her and buy a few things ;)

She also recently made enamel pins and i'm obsessed with this one!  I probably have to place another order soon!  Yes, I do make my own cards, but sometimes it's always nice to support small businesses and add my little touch to it ;)  Again sis, i'm so proud of you and I will always forever support you and be here for you during your growth and struggles. Cheers to you and always hustle and stay humble. XO 

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