last days of summer.

September 15, 2016

Summer never really ends here in Southern California.  We recently just a got a taste of the cold (low 70's).  One of the many perks of living here other than the weather is everything is just a drive away including traffic..  One weekend some of my cousins, M, and myself stayed at a ranch/manor like with a view of Griffith Park.  It was incredibly relaxing and defined the summer season at it's best.  Of course, I thank rola for always having an eye and good taste in picking out places/venues.

I loved how open the house was.  The lighting fixtures I fell in love with!  Not to mention, the oasis of a backyard and the lions foot tub in our room!  We enjoyed the heated pool, BBQ's, and swinging on the hammock during afternoons and sunsets.  We even cooked up a perfect brunch!  If you follow me on my personal ig, you'll see this adorable fluff ball appear in photos.  M and I sometimes dogsit for his family which I insist, cause i'm obsessed!

Speaking of the last days of Summer, the only thing I didn't cross off my summer travels was Palm Springs.. Maybe that's a reason to squeeze in a last minute trip before fall starts!

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