snail mail: for joelynne.

September 28, 2016

Basically everyone is back in school now and getting the hang of things.  If you follow me on my personal instagram you know I have 3 god daughters (2 twins and 1 teenager).  I'm such a sucker for snail mail and I love sending mail.  It's the feeling of getting a surprise in the mailbox.  On the first week Jo (my teenage god daughter) started school I wanted to send her a little love!  Her and I have similiar tastes in favorite colors so putting something together for her was not a problem!

Everything above is everything I had on hand already like the polka dot blank cards were from the dollar section in target. I wanted to add that quote from Alex Elle, because it's so important to give younger girls reassurance.  I did not get much of that when I was younger so I want to make sure I imply that to my god daughters and everyone around me.  Jo received the unexpected mail and it warmed my heart instantly.  Can't wait to send her more goodies when Halloween, and the Holidays roll around.  Oh and can't forget when she gets straight A's too!

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