thursday thrifting.

September 22, 2016

I wish I could spend all day going to thrift shops and antique shops.. I WOULD NEVER GET SICK OF IT.  During my travels in Europe two weeks ago, my dearest friend who is a Norway resident insisted we go thrifting.  The thrift shops in Norway all say FRETEX and have the salvation army sign on it's hard to miss.  Before heading to the National Art Museum we came across a thrift store right down the street.  I kid you not, we almost spent two hours in there -

My best friend scored and bought a pair of shoes in perfect condition and really groovy floral top.  This time around, I found a skirt but the price was a little too high.  That's the only down fall in thrift shopping in Norway, the prices are not up to par like we have it here in the states.  The skirt that I wanted to buy was almost $22.00 when I could find a similiar one here for less than $5.00.  The pricing did not stop me for venturing the store and finding so many goodies!  I loved how organize and color-coated it was.. It reminded me of a foreign GOODWILL.

Every week I'll try my best to post on my European Trip maybe i'll even include Paris in there as well!

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