a weekend full of card making.

October 18, 2016

I'm going to be travelling for work in a few days.  My plans for this past weekend was to run errands, enjoy a good brunch out with M, and craft away.  It so happens that yesterday was a birthday, and national boss day (it landed on Sunday, but Monday is when everyone celebrated).  Everyone in the office pitched in and we got a singing telegram for our own director in the office.  I also crafted up cards to fit every occasion this coming week!

{two identical cards for the owners for boss's day.}

{initial cards one for a birthday another for a "just because" card.}

{a special french inspired card for a dear co-worker who turned 40.}

I'll be holding onto the french inspired card until I see the birthday girl for tea next week!  Thankfully, I can say that Halloween Crafting is all done and I can't wait to share next week.  The only thing I'm struggling with is what to wear for Halloween.  Possibly Mrs. Pacman?  A scary clown?  Maybe even batman?  We'll see..

What will you be for Halloween?

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