weekday delights: desserts in dtla.

October 10, 2016

The last time I was in Downtown LA was at the beginning of Spring this year and ate at my brothers friend's Ramen Restaurant. Downtown is a place that I went to all the time in my early 20's now that I'm older and traffic is horrendous, i'll only go if it's necessary or there's a gathering of some sort.  My good friend was visiting from Norway, I wanted to bring her to a place that had good french macarons and of course Bottega came in to mind.  I've shared the food that I've had but the dessert, is a whole other level!

We all got a box of (5) macarons and of course I got my favorite (3) pistachio's and (2) earl grey's.  We also got (3) iced coffee all in different flavors: regular, hazelnut, and vanilla.  The coffee there is AMAZING and is not phrased enough or at all.  It was the perfect afternoon to enjoy such sweets with great company.  I loved going during the day as the afternoon and dinner get's so crowded it's hard to find a seat.  What places do you like to go to in downtown?

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