st. roch market, new orleans.

October 14, 2016

It's been exactly a year when rola and I went to New Orleans for a few days.  We stayed at an airbnb and one morning we went for a walk to the St. Roch Market located in the St. Claude avenues for breakfast.  The vibe is just like Downtown LA's Grand Central Market.  I heard many great things including that dinner is exceptionally delicious.  They opened 4 years ago and I was excited to see what goodies they had!

Since it was breakfast we picked up coffee and pastries at Bittersweet Confections.  I loved how bright it was in there. the food was fresh, and everyone was so nice.  I'll be sharing weekly the different areas of New Orelans.  It was the perfect time to go in the fall as it wasn't humid and it was beginning to get cold!

See the farmers market I went to in Dallas.

Happy Weekend all!
What are your plans?

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