wedding gift to match the theme.

October 12, 2016

Wedding gifts can go three ways: 1. gift money 2. gift something sentimental or 3. gift from the registry.  M and I attended a wedding a few weeks ago and the bride and groom had everything they needed, so creating a registry was not necessary.  I had to be creative with this gift so when I was out of town with the future Mr. & Mrs. Killian, I brought out my camera and requested if I could take their photo.  The day I took their photo was their 8 year anniversary to the day, and it was exactly a week away from their wedding.  I had the photo printed at Walgreens in a 5x7 and picked it up during lunch.  As for a frame, I automatically wanted to choose one from work.  I came across this frame I knew it would be a fit as gray matches with everything and the walnut inside gave it a rich feel.

{handmade card I created to go with the gift}
{beautiful floral for the honeymoon table}
{M as a groomsmen with the wedding gift all matching!}

Along with the photo and frame M added a few other things that he knew the future Mr. and Mrs. would enjoy.  I wrapped up everything in butcher paper and added pink accents (shown above).  It just so happened the the fabric ribbon fit perfectly with the color theme.  The newlyweds loved their gift.  We had dinner with them a few nights ago, and I saw the frame in a vignette of theirs upstairs!  Cheers to love and long relationships.  I can't wait to attend another wedding!

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