& other stories in new york.

November 17, 2016

I travel to New York a few times a year for work.  Whenever I have a moment or a day off I go with my {work} mother on little ventures around SOHO, Brooklyn, 3rd Ave, Manhattan, etc.  She showed me a store two years ago called & Other Stories.  It's the same family as H&M, but more up'd in price very similiar to Urban to Anthro.  The first thing I was attracted to was their shoes and accessories.  Little did I know, they had a beauty section in their shop that I fell head over heels with !

I bought their punk bouquet as my signature daily scent. If you can't make it to New York and have no plans this weekend, I highly recommend visiting their new Beverly Hills location that just opened two weeks ago.  They'll be opening another location in South Coast Plaza, it's the perfect place for Christmas Shopping.  Have you started yet?

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