one year anniversary.

December 05, 2016

I can’t believe it’s already been two years that I’ve been with M.  Many couples say it feels longer, but our foundation definitely feels two years (& counting).  The more we grow together the more comfort and growth evolves for myself and him.  I’ve never really experienced equal love and effort as I do with him.  Let’s rewind to when we had our one year anniversary last year. I wanted to go to Palm Springs, but since I’ve been there so many times, we decided to get a house in Joshua Tree for the weekend and really spend time fully with one another.  I found the perfect listing on airbnb, and I seriously have been itching to go back since!

{backyard views during sunrise}

{cozy vignettes}

{obsessing over the oversized rug}

{the cutest little accent detail}

{window views from the house}

{stealing kisses while hiking}

It was cold in Joshua Tree in the high 50’s and at night was even colder.  It felt so relaxing to be secluded.  The house is two miles in on dirt road and the backyard is endless views of Joshua Trees, plants, and mountains.  We spent the day going to various thrift shops, a little hiking, I express a LITTLE, and eating at the local cafes.  It was perfect.  Each night we would have a drink and feel the warmth of our bodies as we roam outside deep beneath stars and the moon, since we were on sand/dirt there was no street lights what so ever.  It was nice to feel disconnected from the city and just embrace one another.

From our thrift adventures in Joshua Tree, we started a new tradition in which I’ll share in the next post.  Oh, and 2nd year anniversary you ask?  That’ll be coming up this week too.  

Do you and your significant other have traditions?

Cheers to love!

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