back home & settled into jan.

January 30, 2017

A few days into January I packed up my bags and headed to Atlanta, Georgia for over 11 days.  I came back and it was all about catching up, and getting into the routine of driving to the new location for work.  Of course, with the typical California traffic I needed to find my groove.  I'm finally caught up at work and back into my regular routine.  This month has been incredibly busy work wise.. Although I feel the next three months are going to fly since there's so many things to prep and plan for!

So in the meantime, i'll take any chance I get to relax.  I've been enjoying the simplicity at home with M, and these colored blooms (below) helped the gloomy days a little brighter.  M gave me two bouquets to mix and match with when arriving to LAX from GA :')

{received this west elm pitcher for christmas, perfect for florals}

{M knows roses are my favorite}

{quiet gloomy mornings in bed}

{cozy relaxing nights in the living room}

I still feel the excitement of 2017.  My travels won't be as intense as last year, but I'm still excited to explore! Since i'll be home more, I want to focus on doing a few updates at home as well.  M and I will start doing little things to make our home fresher and home-tour approved LOL.  The first step will be painting inside our townhouse, and re-doing the curtains.  I've been stuck on what pattern/texture to do but I'm really gravitating towards this style from one of my favorite bloggers.  Any suggestions?

What do you like to do when updating your room/home?

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