hello there 2017.

January 01, 2017

It's safe to say that I put down Christmas decorations the day before New Years Eve.  I was eager to put things back to how it was and add in a few new additions.  This 3 day weekend came and went.  I spent New Years eve with cousins close by and ran in the New Year cozy at home with a cup of tea with M and the little fluff ball.  I spent today organizing everything, and if you saw my insta stories, I was writing away in my 2017 planner(s) for what's to come..

This month is especially busy for me as it's travel-season for work.  A year ago I went to Georgia, Texas, and NY all in a three week span.  This year will be a bit more easy as I'll only be going to sweet ol' Georgia for a few weeks and having a lot of meetings at work and more wedding planning (hired to do a spring wedding!).  I've been monitoring the weather in GA, and it looks like snow will be arriving the same time as myself!  Let me see if this California gal has any "snow-ready" outfits.

There's so many things that are in-store this year.  New year, same self, but more evolving goals.  Travel is definitely in the future: local, out of the country, and in the east coast, along with making big steps in making a name for myself in the creative aspect.  This will be the last year that i'm in my twenties and I'm definitely going to make it count.

Cheers to a New Year!
What are you goals and admirations?

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