congrats & birthday cards.

February 06, 2017

One week at work I needed to craft up a "congratulations" card for a newlywed and a belated birthday card since I wasn't in the office the day of.  I wanted to put together something bright and cheerful to take away from the rain and gloomy days we've had.  I automatically gravitated to yellow and different shades of blue.  I'm missing the Spring days!

Everything I had was on-hand.  I swear, the packs of 80+ card stock with envelopes for $5.00 at Michael's is a steal!  Even till this day I have not seen a macaron rubber stamp.  I love that my sis drew this up and got it made into a stamp.  Any chance I get to stamp away a macaron.. I'll take it!  I spent this past weekend crafting up Valentines Day cards that i'll be sharing next week!

But in the meantime, i'll be crafting up for a bridal shower that i'm hosting this coming weekend.  I love when Spring/Wedding season is upon us.  Don't you?

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