christopher kennedy compound: closet dreamin'

March 05, 2017

My second favorite room in the Christopher Kennedy compound would have to be the cloffice.  This concept and area was designed by DRC's Natasha Minasian.  The walk in closet, or might I say, the closet room was not just a place you can hang your things, they had custom shelves built in, and little nooks to add trays and accent pieces to add for those gram worthy vignettes like a few photos below ;)

Along with the wonderful palm tree wallpaper from Dorthy Draper, there was also a corner tucked away with a lucite table for an office space (not photographed).  The lucite table was propped right in front of the "selfie" mirror and pocket chairs. I always hear from celebrities and other bloggers that they get their peace and quiet and work done in their glam room, I can consider this a glam room don't you think?  Mmmmm forget an office, i'm for the cloffice! 

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