christopher kennedy compound: master bed & bath

March 03, 2017

It's safe to say that everyone is still recovering from the past two weeks in Palm Springs for Modernism Week.  I attended the first weekend and am still wishing I went both weekends.  Is it too soon to say that I'm already craving next year?  The main reason of going to Modernism for me was to see the Christopher Kennedy Compound showhouse.  What made me want to go even more was knowing that one of my favorite bloggers was the one show casing her house!  I've been a fan of Kelly Golightly for years and her love for Palm Springs is as mutual as mine, except for the fact that she's actually living it in Palm Springs! as i'm day dreaming it :)

I'll be showing you two of my favorite areas from Villa Golightly the first one would obviously be the master bedroom and bath.

The master bedroom and bath are definitely on the top of my list as i'm such a sucker for the colors!  Even if there was a variety of patterns and different hues of teals I still found it some-what simple and a perfect flow.

Of course, I have to favor the master bathroom as well as 80% of it was from my work!  The talented Maya Williams reached out to us wanting to use our pieces for the space she was decorating and she did not disappoint!  She took into consideration the (3) companies and show cased each brand tastefully.  Along with the master bathroom being fab, I love it even more that it has a mini bar!

*mini bar photo: Miles matte silver pitcher, Aaron clear tumblers, Kaarl cocktail spoons, Winsford coasters and cocktail shaker, Erin Turquoise box set,
*vanity 2nd photo: Servia marble vase, and  Tarian Bowl Set.
*vanity 3rd photo: Callas large tray, and Mahe soap dish.

Also, the lovely Kelly Lee just posted on instagram yesterday from Villa Golightly other pieces from work.  The next favorite area i'll be sharing is a closet & an office put together that I fell in love with!

Have a great Friday lovelies!

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