happy mothers day!

May 13, 2017

I hope everyone is having a great Sunny Sunday with your mamas and grandmas.  I spent today organizing my desk area and I'm almost done and will share very soon!  Mothers day crafting did happen, although I didn't have enough time to share and I mailed them out already.  Although I did put something together for my work mamas since they take such good care of me.  I found these cute mothers day cards from the dollar section at target, and paired them with a hazelnut chocolate bar along with a eye mask from Sephora.  It was a big hit and everything all together cost under $8 bucks!

I spent an early Mothers Day with my family last week over dumplings and noodles and combined it with my birthday since my brothers schedules are busy.  I can't believe we're already in Mid-May!  I'll be working on finishing touches for my annual merry unbirthday tea :) and I'll be sharing last years finally!  Oh the golden year has left me, and I have one more year until I say good-bye officially to my twenties..  I'm definitely going to make it count!

Cheers to the mothers out there!

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