tea inspiration tuesday.

June 27, 2017

Maybe this is something I need to start doing weekly.  I've been having it in my head Tea Time Tuesday?  Wednesday weekday snail mail?  Travel Thursday?  What do you think??

There's so much tea inspired things to share with you so i'm going to start off on these bridal party invitations I made for a co-worker.  I used the materials I already had on hand.  My first idea was to go with the theme of blue, as she had a bridal shower thrown by her family with the theme of burlap  & blue hues.  With the invitations I crafted up, everything was vintage inspired including the french font  on the inside, and even the pattern card stock that was layered inside the invitations that you can kind of see below -

The teapot rubber stamp was gifted to me many years ago for Christmas, and the white mini doilies I got from Valentines day in the dollar section of target.  I made about 15 invitations and passed them out by hand.  I decided not to make envelopes and that adding the blue bow was the perfect seal!

I'll be sharing with you next where I decided to host the bridal tea party, and how blue turned out to be the theme for ONLY the invitations.

Have you been to any bridal showers lately?  I'm sure you have.. it's wedding season!

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  1. Wow!! Loved this awesome tea party inspiration. Would love to use these inspiration tips while arranging my tea party at LA venue. Have not arranged such a party from last few months. Want to make it enjoyable for all my guests.